coronavirus protection measures

Sanitary measures that have been implemented for your safety at Stardust

We all are aware of the threat of the Corona Virus  (Covid-19)

Therefore, for your and our safety we have implemented the following safety measures.

  • Implemented procedures to ensure waiters make use of hand sanitizers, that are installed around the restaurant in several stations, before and after serving of each table.
  • Before each shift ALL the tables and chairs are sprayed with a disinfectant. After clearing off plates and dishes the tables will be wiped down with a cleanser.
  • At the end of each night the entire restaurant will be sprayed with a disinfectant.
  • Extra cleaning staff will be allocated to the bathrooms and therefore can assure total possible hygiene in this area.
  • Screening at entrance with the first and only thermometer with no touch functions. It uses a new, revolutionary technology that ensures clinically accurate and consistent readings. This will prevent entrance of anyone with a fever.
  • Kitchen staff will wear gloves while preparing food and cleaning utensils.
  • All our aircons and fresh air supply fans will supply external air that is refreshed at a ratio of 30 air changes per hour. Way above the norm required.
  • Our Waiters will wear disposable gloves while serving your tables to make sure that your environment is sterilized.

As leaders in the industry, the above will be implemented to assure your best possible safety.

As a result, we can all enjoy a safe and healthy environment.