New Years 2019 2020 menu


New Year’s Eve Menu 2019/20

Amuse Bouche

  • Prawn sweetcorn fritters topped with cream cheese, a prawn, & tomato chili jam
  • Sweetcorn fritters topped with cream cheese & tomato chili jam
  • Vegan: Marinated sesame tofu with tomato & ginger jam. Served on individual side plates

Starters – Centrally plated

  • Smoked salmon wrapped around fresh strawberry, cream cheese & rocket(garnished with Kewpie mayo & lumpfish)
  • 5 Spice chicken wrapped in cucumber ribbons drizzled with sweet apple soy & candied red chilli slices
  • Chilled papaya, lemongrass & coconut soup
  • Rare beef crostini with cream cheese, rocket, balsamic onions & fresh strawberries
  • Fried brie topped with beetroot & star anise chutney

Vegan Starters

  • Chilled papaya, lemongrass & coconut soup
  • Falafel with beetroot hummus
  • Onion & coriander chilli bites
  • Marinated olives & jalapeno pineapple sticks
  • Rice paper spring rolls (red cabbage, carrot, red & yellow peppers, mint, coriander, ginger, sweet chilli & mange tout)


Palate Cleanser

  • Lemon grass & raspberry sorbet

Main Course

  • Leg of Lamb: Rosemary, cumin & tomato roasted lamb, served on a Roman gnocchi round with rainbow carrots, baby tomatoes & green asparagus


  • Dark Chocolate & Chilli Fillet: Medium grilled tender beef fillet,seductively covered with a dark Callebaut chilli chocolate sauce, served with spiced hasselback potato, green asparagus & baby tomatoes


  • Norwegian Salmon: Aromatic soy grilled salmon,served on wasabi mashed potato with lime cream reduction, with stir-fried veg (carrots, red peppers, yellow peppers & bok choi)


  • Parmesan Chicken: Whole de-boned chicken filled with cranberries, Danish feta & pecan nuts, crusted with Padano gremolata, served with spiced hasselback potato, green asparagus & baby tomatoes


  • Vegan Stack: Roasted red pepper & butternut risotto, topped with a mushroom steak, roasted sweet peppers & green asparagus

Dessert Trio Platter

All desserts are vegan friendly

  • Coconut & cardamom panna cotta with mango & ginger reduction
  • Dark chocolate mousse garnished with mini raspberry meringues
  • Strawberry & watermelon sticks with rose & juniper syrup